Wednesday, July 29, 2009


If you had asked me before today, I would have told you that this treatment's recovery seemed easier than the last two. I had my Nuelesta shot on Friday and I think that I managed my medication better this time around also. I was feeling pretty good yesterday and went out and about, but sort of relapsed today. I have been really worn out today and feeling sorry for myself, which happens on occasion.

Karen has been a great help. She is taking good care of us and giving Annabel a lot more freedom than I usually do. This morning, they were cleaning the window blinds and frames and Annabel spent some time up on the stepstool. It made me nervous, but Karen told me to chill out; it's not much different than Gymboree. Ha, ha. She was a really good helper, though. I have been unsuccessful in attempts to get her to work with me....she is usually working against me (unfolding clothes, for example). So it was really cute to watch her working together with her Auntie. Karen is always busy and has taken on some of our dirt as her own personal challenge. She has also been taking Annabel to the park almost daily.

Back to the time that has passed...since I got my shot on Friday, I started to feel bad late afternoon/early evening. I went to bed and was down for the count on Saturday. I hardly got out of bed. I spent most of the day in bed on Sunday, too. I had planned for and expected those to be my bad days. Mostly I am just exhausted and a little nauseated. Exhausted to an extreme though. Like, I will lay in bed awake and unable to open my eyes or roll over to take some medicine. I feel like I'm lucky to be able to mostly sleep through it though. I am nervous about switching over to the other chemo medication for my last 4 treatments. But there is plenty of time to worry about that, right?

This week I have also gone to a few different activities offered to breast cancer patients through various agencies. On Monday, I went to a restorative yoga class offered to cancer patients. I was not feeling great, but was extremely lucky that Monday's class was a relaxation class. I really enjoyed it and will be going back whenever I can. Yesterday afternoon I went to the Y for a water fitness class. There were 3 other women in the class and I was the youngest by far. They have been meeting in some form or another for 7 years. It felt good to get in the water and swim around, so hopefully I'll be able to make it to more of these classes as well. I am planning to go to some group support meetings as they come around also. Some of this stuff is offered at weird times, so I will go when I have help with Annabel.

I am so proud of Annabel. She is growing and changing every day and I think that even though this cancer situation is bad, she is thriving with all of the extra attention she gets from our family and friends. She is becoming so independent and she is precocious and adventurous. She is talking up a storm and says new words every day and is very expressive, even though there are lots of times that I don't quite understand what she is telling me. She definitely makes it easier to stay busy and not let this cancer thing drag me down.

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