Thursday, July 23, 2009

#3 down, 5 to go!

Here I am, getting chemo! Sporting the Christensen family heirloom skiing bandana along with my airplane pillow askew and most special blanket received from Jeff for Christmas. My iTouch is on my lap; gets a lot of use, especially at chemo time.

Today was not so bad. They were able to get blood from my port this morning, but when tasked to do it again for the research nurses, the port wasn't working that way. They had to poke my arm. Oh well.

My visit to the doctor was good. She measured my tumor and says that first it was 7cm and now she is measuring 5cm. Still huge, but that is 1cm per treatment! It made me feel very hopeful. Also, still no sign of the lymph nodes that she could feel under my arm. I am happy!

We also discussed my surgery options. That will depend on the results of the genetic test that I took yesterday and the results won't be back for a few weeks, so we will be able to discuss at my next visit. There are a lot of different ways that the surgery can go and my oncologist suggested that I go ahead and meet with a plastic surgeon when we know whether I have the mutated gene. Lately I have been thinking that I'd like to have a bilateral mastectomy, but again, that will depend on what the genetic test says and how my doctors feel about it. It would be scary, but it might be better in the long run. Maybe? That is talk of the future and I've got plenty of chemo left to decide.

My doctor has also referred me to an ENT to look at my throat. Finally! I don't have an appointment yet, but I will be glad to go. I am still waking up at night and have to use magic mouthwash to keep the pain at bay.

Karen was good company today. She took great notes during my doctor's visit and sat with me all day. I think it was hard for her in parts. I am used to it all by now, for the most part and I also have the drugs to help me out, but I think it is hard to see. I am really glad that she was there and we had fun despite the situation.

We stopped at Pita House for late lunch on the way home. Seems that Annabel had a great day with her Mimi and Grandaddy. They were ready to get home to take care of their dogs and Karen loaded Annabel in her stroller to go for a walk, so I am here getting ready to take a nap with the dogs. They are already asleep! And Scott will be home soon too.

Tomorrow, the Neulesta shot. I do not look forward to that since I was in so much pain last time. Hopefully it will not be so bad this time around.

I'll keep you posted! Thank you for reading and sending all of your encouragement and support. I really appreciate it!!

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