Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 down, 6 to go!

Whew! One more treatment behind me. Scott and I went to the Cancer Center this morning at 9:15 and left at about 2:45. When we got there, I was introduced to my nurse for the day and she took blood from my port to check my counts. I also got to pee in a cup. Then I saw my oncologist. She measured my tumor and says that it is not as wide as before and feels different (in a good way). She could also not locate a swollen lymph node in my armpit, which was also good news! We discussed my treatment and the medicines that I have to help with the side effects and then she sent me on my way to get chemo. Scott had to leave to go to a meeting at work. I went back to the chemo room and the nurse started a fluid drip and then some steroids. Apparently, the pharmacy didn't have one of my drugs available when it was time, so there was a little delay. The nurse told me that my chemo drugs would take about 2 hours today (once they arrived). I spent my time listening to my ipod and emailing, sitting under a blanket that Jeff got me for Christmas that is really soft and nice. I also take an airplane pillow with me. They must have given me something that made me nod off because I took a nap for a while and even woke up a few times surprised that I was still there! I should also mention that I was seated in the geriatric area today. I am not sure why, but that is where they sent me when I got there. I am sure I out-snored some old men this afternoon! Scott picked up some food from Pita House on his way back and we ate lunch while I was being treated. I had a falafel sandwich and Scott had a gyro. After the IV drips were done, the nurse had to flush out my port and I guess that took just a few more minutes.

When we left, I just felt tired and a little dizzy. We had to drop off a prescription, but when we go to our Walgreen's, they didn't have it and directed us to the next Walgreen's about 5 minutes away. Since I was on drugs and Scott was assing around with his Blackberry (while driving!), we passed right by our destination and went about 10 more minutes out of the way to the next Walgreen's, so we had to turn around and go back to the other one to pick up my prescription. I got some Marinol for nausea. That is the pill form of pot. I don't think it feels the same, but I do like that it will control my symptoms without knocking me out or making me feel incapacitated. We'll see how it does on a bad day! The doctor and the nurses remind me that if something doesn't work, to let them know immediately because there are lots of things out there to help with the side effects. It's just a matter of finding the right combo. I felt ok with what I had available last time and hope it will hold up this time as well.

When we (finally!) got home from the drugstore, I laid down for a little while and relaxed. Scott went to a show in Asheville tonight and Mimi is here with Annabel and I. After Scott left, I dozed off for about an hour and woke up in time for the end of Annabel's dinner. Emily brought me some chicken n' dumplings and heated up some for my dinner for me. Mmmmmmm! I am telling you, that makes me feel better. Her chicken n' dumplings are truly comfort food. I rocked Annabel to sleep, but she didn't stay asleep for long! She woke up again at about 9:30 and I brought her to bed with me.

So far, I feel ok. Just a little tired and my stomach is sore. They say the worst days are days 2 and 3. We are planning to take Annabel to the zoo in the morning. We did that after my last treatment, too. The weather tomorrow is forecasted to be milder than it has been in weeks, so I hope I will feel well enough to go and get a little exercise and family time before I hit the sack for recovery time.

I forgot to mention that Annabel did NOT have strep throat! The doctor called on Tuesday and said that it was viral, so she didn't even have to continue with her antibiotics. She was back to her normal self by Monday.

I want to THANK everyone so much for your well wishes and prayers!!! It makes me feel stronger to know that I have such an amazing group of people cheering me on!!!

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  1. Hey Kooch keep your head up, I'm sure a steady diet of Lavonia chikan n dumplins will have you running laps around the backyard with Suki in no time. You want us to bring over some dinners this week?

    Apple Dong