Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Update

It has been a quiet week at the Halls punctuated by failing appliances. Annabel and I have been mostly hanging around the house. We all went to Gymboree on Tuesday evening and took a family trip to Target on Wednesday night. Last night, Scott went to a happy hour and I went to a Tastefully Simple party at my friend Ginny's house. It was my first Tastefully Simple party and I am looking forward to getting my goodies! We sampled the beer bread at the party and I am especially looking forward to making that and eating it.

On Tuesday night, I woke up at about 12:30am HOT. This is not uncommon since chemo sends you into (hopefully) temporary menopause. However, the heat was not self-generated this time. The air conditioner wasn't blowing cold air. We turned it off and used the window fan, which was surprisingly not uncomfortable. The air repair guy came on Wednesday and replaced the filter under the house. It was on the fritz again by late afternoon. We have used the same people since we've lived here and never had a problem. They sent the REAL repairman out today and he cleaned the coil to get an accurate reading on the coolant, which was low. Which apparently means that we have a leak. They will have to come back out early next week to check to see if they can repair it or if we have to get a new coil. Not good, but what can you do?

We acquired our TV in the den from Scott's parents via his brother via his wife's sister because it kept crapping out. I am still not quite sure how it ended up at our house and Scott might have been in trouble when it arrived, but we hooked it up and it worked great for about 6 months. Then it started making a high pitched buzz (only heard by me!) before it shut itself down. It did that for 3 or 4 months and then one day just stopped crapping out and started working normally again. It started again the other day. Ugh! It is just a pain in the ass. When it craps out, Scott has to do something to it and then we can turn it back on. The biggest pain in the ass about it is that when it does its thing, Scott starts talking about how we NEED a new TV. We don't; we didn't need this one when we acquired it. We just moved our awesome 32" TV in the bedroom so that it can put off a ton of heat and enable us to watch too much TV. It is too big to be in there in my opinion, but that doesn't prohibit me from enjoying it very much.

So anyway, appliances crapping out... I told Scott not to fret and definitely NOT to ask what next!! I am not a fan of asking "what next" in general, but these days you won't hear me asking what next; what we have is manageable in the tv/air conditioner department as well as in the health department. It's no picnic, but there are definitely worse things. Everything is NOT falling apart. That is what I keep telling myself anyway.

Annabel is talking a lot more these days. I can tell it is really frustrating for her when she tells me something that I don't understand, but she is also saying new words all the time. I love it! She shakes her head yes and no when I ask her questions and says "uh-oh" more than anything else. She has been playing with her dolls a lot this week. She puts blankets on them and feeds them bottles. Kim brought her some blocks and we stack those up so that she can knock them down (uh-oh!). She has been a big mess maker this week, dragging out almost every toy she has, but I think it's a good thing that she is so busy! I have noticed that she is more and more creative every day and she also plays by herself more than she used to, which is nice. I love to watch her when she thinks I'm not looking.

I am feeling good this week. My sore throat is not as sore anymore. I am still napping and relaxing when Annabel naps. Wednesday was not a great day because I was very emotional. I have a day like that every now and then when paranoia sets in and I start thinking about the bad stuff... luckily, those days are fewer than they were when I was first diagnosed. I took Annabel to the park on Thursday morning and took a decent walk to another playground. I know that I need to exercise much more than I do. It's hard because it is so hot here right now (that is my current excuse). I need to get out early, right after breakfast. Scott and I took Annabel for a walk this evening. It ended up being pretty short because there was a big, dark cloud above. We walked about a mile and made it home right when it started raining hard. It is sad, but feeling good prompts the chemo countdown. My next treatment is Thursday.

We have a big week lined up next week. Scott has a short business trip at the beginning of the week. My friend Jeanne will be visiting during the day on Monday and I have to go back to the genetic testing office to have blood drawn to be sent off on Tuesday. My sister Karen arrives on Wednesday evening and will be staying for 10 days. I am excited to have her visit and glad that she's going to stay a while!

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