Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sick Baby Weekend

We have had a very eventful weekend!

On Friday, Scott's mom came up in the afternoon to watch Annabel so that I could get a few things done around the house. Scott and I went to the movies right after work and when we got home, Annabel wasn't feeling well. As a matter of fact, she barfed all over Scott when we walked in the door. She had a fever, too. After another barf and some Tylenol, Scott's mom left for the night at around 9. We decided that it would probably be best for me to sleep on the sofa and for Scott to sleep with Annabel in our bed. Despite regular doses of Tylenol, her temperature got up to 103 degrees at 5am! It only went down to over 102 for 2 hours until it finally fell to around 100. Neither Scott nor I got much sleep on Friday night. Annabel was stuck to him like glue and woke up a few times during the night. It was hard for me to stay away, too.

Scott took Annabel to the doctor on Saturday morning. Her fever was lower, but the doctor felt that because of me, she should treat it as if it was strep. Annabel had a sore throat and her glands were swollen, but the culture came back negative. Apparently, there is another culture that will come back Monday for strep as well. She also thought it could be hand, foot & mouth disease. She suggested that Annabel and I be apart so that I didn't get infected (if I wasn't already!). Annabel is taking her first dose of antibiotics.

Needless to say, it was very hard for me not to be able to take care of her when she was sick. Not to mention that I have never spent the night away from Annabel! The doctor thought it was a good idea for me to go and stay somewhere else until she was feverless and on antibiotics for 24 hours. It broke my heart to think about leaving, but I also knew that she was in good hands with Scott and his mom was on her way back to Greenville to spend the night. I am so thankful for all of her help. She has made a lot of trips here lately and she takes such good care of Annabel (and Scott and I).

Mario and Shannon were excellent hosts to me while I was kicked out of the house! I went to their house and they made dinner and we watched a movie. I slept great in Haley's room and this morning when I called Scott, he told me that Annabel was already feeling better. After lunch at the Bohemian, I came home. She's still a little puny, but I can tell that she is on the mend.

It's sort of ironic that Annabel got sick. She is very rarely sick and with all that has been going on, we haven't exactly been out and about. I guess she picked it up at Gymboree last week. The nurse practitioner said that because of the amount of time since my treatment, my immune system was likely built up enough that I would not be any more susceptible to catching it than anyone else, so that is good.
I have been feeling good the past few days. I keep forgetting about my #3 haircut and continuing hair loss until I pass a mirror. I think shaving my head was a really good idea. I spent so much time worrying about it; now it's done. I haven't worn the wig yet. I have only worn a baseball cap out in public. My head does get a little cold at night and since it's falling out, I've been wearing a hat to bed every night. I don't mind the bandanna look, but it is sort of cancer-y looking. Ha, ha. I'll just save the bandannas for later when I have less hair. I have never been a fan of the baseball hat look for myself, but I have found that is most comfortable for me for now.
The countdown is on until my next treatment on Thursday. Scott and I have talked a lot about how we can prepare to make things easier and I'm also hoping that my recovery time will be easier this time since last time I was also bouncing back from the port/biopsy surgery. I am glad to go into it feeling good. I know I'll be more and more anxious as the week wears on, but I'm also ready to get rid of the tumor and get this cancer OUT.


  1. I bet AnnaB was glad to have her Mommy home!It was fun getting to hang out with you though and talk.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear Annabel was sick, Katherine. I know how hard that must have been for you, but I'm so glad you did what you needed to do not to catch it yourself. What can I do to help you? Bring some food over? Take you somewhere? Watch Anabel? Direct me!