Monday, June 15, 2009


I spent most of the day resting today. I had to go to the Cancer Center and get a shot to boost my white blood cells. Kim took me with Annabel in the car; I didn't realize I'd have to wait 30 minutes to make sure there wasn't an allergic reaction. I felt like crap when we got there, but the nurse was great. I got the shot in my stomach (2nd one in a week!) and relaxed in the chemo chair while I (thankfully) didn't have an allergic reaction. I guess just being there reminded me that I'm not supposed to feel normal right now.

Annabel is off schedule. She hasn't napped right in a few days and is having a meltdown right now as Kim is trying to get her into the tub. This evening, we all took a trip to the grocery store and to pick up pizza. I am getting ready to go and get in bed and wait for Kim and Scott to deliver my clean baby to snuggle down for the night. She loves to have her people around and put on quite a show for Scott when he got home from work. She was dancing for us and telling us different animal sounds. Tomorrow Scott's Mom is going to come back and spend the day to help out. Kim has to leave early to get to work in Knoxville.

Cancer sucks. I am not in a very good mood tonight.

I do have lots of great pictures to post from our trip to Chicago/Wisconsin and more since we've been back.

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