Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Update

We have been busy the past few days!

Annabel's 18 month check-up went well. She is in the 90th percentile for her height and the doctor is happy with her growth and development. No shots this trip and we don't have to go for another well visit until she's 2.

On Friday, I went to the oncologist for a check-up. She is happy with my blood counts and we talked about the different side effects I'm having, adjusting to the medications, etc. I have had some typical side effects. Mostly, fatigue, but also I have had some heartburn/reflux and my mouth and throat are sore. I asked her what she thought about smoking pot. She says that the medical community KNOWS it works and is effective for managing the side effects of chemo, but for obvious reasons, she can't recommend it. She said that it would in no way conflict with any of the treatment that I am getting and also told me that you can get it in pill form. I was so excited that I forgot to write down what it's called in pill form or ask her if she could give me a hint about how to get it. Internet, I guess. Anyway, most people know how I feel about the weed. My only concerns are that I am a mother and of course, it is illegal. Also, my throat hurts. But I did it anyway and it felt GOOD. I was more relaxed and I hadn't had an appetite all day, but was able to eat and even laughed a little. I think it is a good thing, but it isn't like my situation is one where I can sit around smoking pot all day. I have a gallon-sized ziploc bag full of prescription medications (like a geriatric) to help as well, so pot is just another tool in my box, so to speak. I hope that isn't too controversial.

My Dad came over to visit this morning for the day so that we could shop for some playground equipment for Annabel. So, probably sometime next week, Lowe's will come out to put it together for us. I am looking forward to her being able to play on it! She also has a new sandbox. It is swank and we can probably use a portion of it for a guest house when it isn't 100 degrees outside.

The countdown is on now for my hair to go. Sometimes, I feel brave about it, but I know it is going to be a really rough day. I will probably start to lose it on Wednesday; maybe Thursday or Friday. I told Scott that the first big clump that comes out, he is going to have to shave my head. I am not entirely prepared for this. I do have some bandannas and today, I got a silk headwrap in the mail that is really pretty. I have a few hats, but I still haven't gone to get a wig yet. I keep saying that I won't wear one, but I know I should have one before I have to go wig shopping bald. That does not seem like fun. I guess I'll be doing that on Monday. What do you think of the rasta hat with dreads? Somewhat appropriate and the hair is included with the hat!!!

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  1. Yah mon, jah will provide. And what he doesn't, Melissa and I will. Please don't be afraid to call on us for anything. Baby sittin', food preparation/delivery, home haircut kit, Anything you need. Seriously.
    We'll do whatever you need.