Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chemo Treatment #1

On Friday morning, I went in for my first chemo treatment. I was really sore from the port placement surgery the day before and woozy from the effects of general anesthesia. And NERVOUS because I didn't really know what to expect. Scott and I got to the Cancer Center at 10 and they started by trying to draw blood from my port. That didn't go so well because it was swollen and they ended up having to take it from my arm. Then I visited my oncologist to discuss the treatment and pick up tons of prescriptions. After that, it was back to the chemo room to start the treatment. Luckily, they were able to give me the treatment through my port even though it was swollen. It was not nearly as bad as I had expected! They have medical style recliners arranged in a circle and the nurses come around and administer the treatment. A volunteer circles the room offering snacks and drinks. Scott sat with me the whole time, except when he went for food. I brought a pillow and blanket and watched an episode of TrueBlood on my new iPod touch. I dozed off for a while when Scott left to get us some lunch. I even got up a few times to go to the bathroom, dragging the IV stand along with me. After I had gotten my treatment, the nurse took me into another room for a shot. It is supposed to put my ovaries to sleep during treatment. Unfortunately, it is administered in the stomach! AND it is a pellet! So it was big, but I didn't look. It didn't hurt too much.
When we came home, I slept for a while and then just assed around in the evening until bedtime. Annabel crawled in with me and I read her some books and we fell asleep together.
This morning, Scott wanted to take Annabel to the zoo and I decided to go too. I was worn out, but the zoo is small and we had a good time. After that, we went for lunch at Barley's and came home and took a long nap.
I had a few "moments" this afternoon and evening just because I am feeling worn out. The port is still sore and I wanted to give Annabel a bath and put her to bed. Scott helped, of course, but getting her to bed (in her bed) myself wasn't really an option tonight.
I expect a few days of fatigue and on Monday I have to go in for a shot to up my white blood cell counts. I could have gotten that today, but it seemed like a lot with all the stuff I had to do last week.

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