Friday, December 18, 2009

Today I Hate Boobies!

So, I explained the drains and the pain ball on my last post.  Today, I went to see the plastic surgeon for a follow-up visit.  He says that everything looks great.  I felt pretty good when I woke up this morning, so I was happy to hear that from him......UNTIL.....
The first thing that he did was take the tiny tubes from the pain pump out.  It didn't hurt, but bled a little on the right side.  I did start to get a little woozy.  THEN, he proceeded to strip my drains.  They are supposed to be stripped at least once a day, but Scott and I have been too gentle with them and though we could get the fluid moving, we never properly emptied the tubes.  Because it HURTS.  Real bad.  He pinched the tube at the top near the incision with both hands and ran it all the way to the bulb with the other hand.  It created a suction and felt like someone had lit a fire under my skin.  I have four drains, so he had to do it four times.  I think I am usually a good patient, but I almost passed out.  I asked for wet paper towels and water to drink.  I told Scott that if he had drained them like that, I probably would have involuntarily punched him in the face.  If that was not bad enough, he decided to fill my expanders some today.  This involves a LARGE needle and a LARGE syringe on each side.  I am definitely a wimp.  By the time he got around to that, Scott was rubbing my head while the office manager was dabbing wet paper towels on my head and neck.  The nurse was not amused in the least.  It was embarrassing!   I took my pain medicine and a muscle relaxer close to the same time, so I am drifting in and out this afternoon.  My chest feels really tight and sore now.  I have to go back on Wednesday for more and he said he might be able to take some drains out then.  I will definitely dope myself up really good before I go!
Annabel is still with Scott's parents.  I miss her so much, but I am still afraid for her to come home.  I am just not in the best shape and I think it will be really hard for both of us if I can't hold her or snuggle or anything.  I am hoping that we can get her tomorrow.  The drain situation is not going to get any better, but I am sure I'll be less sore.  The weather here is nasty today.  It's cold and rainy.  I am relaxing in my chair.  I slept in bed last night and was very comfortable.

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