Saturday, September 5, 2009

#5 DONE!

I had my 5th treatment on Thursday, the first of 4 of the A/C combo.  So far, I feel ok.  With my last treatments, I was down for the count by now and while I don't feel great, I feel ok as long as I am sitting still.  Otherwise, I am nauseated and dizzy.  So I am just going to be still until it passes.  I didn't get the Nuelasta shot this round.  That has caused me a lot of pain in the past, so it is one less group of side effects to struggle through.  So as worried as I was about A/C, so far it is not so bad.  My oncologist also said that I was on a very high dose of taxotere, so really, my side effects might be less hellish for these next treatments.  She did point out that I will have cumulative fatigue, but I already knew that.  I am feeling optimistic at the moment.  They put an anti-nausea in my infusion on Thursday called Emend.  It is a 3 day program, so I took a pill yesterday morning and this morning.  No more Emend tomorrow, so I hope the nausea can be controlled with my other prescriptions.  My appetite is not great; I am trying to choke down some bland foods.

My tumor continues to shrink.  This time, it measured the same, but my oncologist said that it is getting smaller and she can feel that the properties are changing.  So that is good news.

On Tuesday, I have a follow-up appointment with the genetic counselor.  I have been putting this off because I know that I will learn about statistics and survival rates and things like might be stuff that I don't want to know, but I am going to go anyway.  I also have a consultation with a plastic surgeon on Tuesday afternoon.  He's probably going to take pictures of my boobs!  Ha, ha.  I have already played out the boobs don't really look like this!  They are all wonky and shrunken because of the breastfeeding!  Ssshhh, don't tell Annabel that she ruined my boobs before I found out about the cancer.  Not that it matters; when it's all said and done (mastectomy), I will be a blank canvas! 

It's football time again!  Scott is off to watch the game with his boys this afternoon.  Annabel is spending the night with her Mimi and Grandaddy.  I miss her terribly already, but I am sure she will have a fun time.  And Kim will be here this evening to keep me company, too.  We are going to do a jigsaw puzzle before Annabel comes home. 

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